St Paul's Anglican

2 Peter is a challenging book for us. It challenges the way we live in a fallen world as children of the promise.

The wonderful news of the gospel is that God has saved us by the blood of his Son, and adopted us as dearly loved children. We have a glorious eternal future, promised to us by the God who made it all.

And yet here we are: still in a world destined to pass away, living lives marred by sin and death, in bodies that fail and die. Given who we are in Christ and where we know the world is headed, 2 Peter poses the question: “what kind of people ought you to be?”

 Join us over the next 7 weeks as God speaks to us through 2 Peter –  as ones who are called to a sure and steady hope in a world that is anything but. To help you get the most out of the series, we’ve also put together a personal bible reading plan and study notes, which you can download below: