St Paul's Anglican

New to Church 新来宾

在疫情下的安排    During the coronavirus period


Even though we cannot meet face to face during the coronavirus outbreak, we want to invite you to join us online and get to know the great hope we have in Jesus.  Please contact us and we will let you know how you can join.

以下是以往的详情   The following is what happens normally



You are very welcome to join us!  The best starting point is our church service on Sunday at 11:15am.  You will get to meet our people, join us for morning tea, and have lunch with us. Please bring your families along as we have children program to look after children.

We also have Investigating Christianity course for you to find out more about Christianity.  Courses run for six weeks on Sunday afternoon (1:30-3:00), and also Wednesday mornings (for women only).