St Paul's Anglican

Take part in our virtual choir!

Singing together is a wonderful way to praise God and encourage each other as Christians. Even though we wish we could be together to do this, thanks to technology, we still have an opportunity to share in song.

To help us do this, we are putting together 2 online choir items featuring 2 of our favourite songs: ‘Behold our God’ and ‘How deep the Father’s Love’. These items will be included during St Paul’s Online on June 14.

We’d love you to be a part of it! Find out how you can take part by watching this video:

Keen to take part? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Open the folders for ‘Behold our God’ and ‘How Deep the Father’s Love’, which we have provided for you as links below. You will see that each song has several recorded male and female singing parts you can choose from. Feel free to choose any part you like for both songs, or if you prefer, just sing the melody like you do at church. You can access the files below:

Behold our God (recorded audio and lyric files) 

How Deep the Father’s Love (recorded audio and lyric files) 

2. Create your video of yourself singing a part for both songs. For instructions on how to record yourself and what you will need, please refer to Sam’s video above.

3. Once you have created your 2 recordings, upload them using the buttons below by June 8th. If you’ve done a simple recording using your phone, please upload it as an MP4 file, labelled with your name, what song you’re singing, and which part it is, e.g. Sam_russell_behold_male_high_harmony.mp4.

If you’ve recorded your video and audio separately, please upload the video as an MP4 and the audio as a WAV or AIFF file, with the same naming convention as above. Make sure there is some sound on your video, even if it is low quality. This will help us sync your audio correctly.