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How to help kids know God during war

Hearing about conflict on the news can be upsetting for children. Our kids pastor, Sarah Lancaster, shares some tips on how to help children know God when they hear about war.


Your Best Parenting Is Best Done by Prayer

The task of raising our kids in the Lord is impossible on our own. Learn from the apostle Paul how to pray for your children’s faith.


Help! I Don’t Know How to Teach My Kids the Bible

How do we sow in our children love for the word that has become a lifeline for us? How do we communicate in a way that prepares our children for a life of faith and faithfulness? How can we teach them when we feel so inadequate in our own understanding? These are not unique questions. Most, if not all, Christian parents have wrestled or are wrestling internally with these questions.


How to start reading the Bible with your kids

Perhaps you feel intimidated or discouraged about reading the Bible with your kids. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Keep it short and simple, and have faith that God will use your time together to grow your child’s faith.

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A Family Worship Pep Talk

When it comes to family discipleship, low-hanging fruit is everywhere. You do not need to create amazing productions or have an archive of profound insights at the ready. Family discipleship does not have to be intricate or complicated. You just need a willingness to focus on the child who is in front of you, while together you focus on the God who is everywhere.

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What Family Discipleship is (and is not)

Family discipleship is the important and mostly ordinary spiritual leadership of your home. It is leading your home by doing whatever you can whenever you can to help your family become friends and followers of Jesus Christ. This is the quintessential role of every Christian parent. 

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7 ways to read the Bible with kids

What do you do when you get to the end of the children’s Bible or run out of discussion questions? Whether you’re a parent, godparent, Sunday school or kids’ club leader, here are seven easy and fun ideas to help you read the Bible with kids.