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Find a bible that is age appropriate for your children and read it with them regularly.

The Big Picture Story Bible

The Big Picture Story Bible tells the story of ‘God’s people in God’s place, under God’s rule’. With an emphasis on anticipating Jesus in the Old Testament – and making his crucifixion and resurrection the proper climax of the New Testament – this book is set apart from most other Bibles. Not shying away from theology, the meaning of the atonement is conveyed from the Exodus, Kings and prophets, to the New Testament fulfilment of Christ’s redemptive mission – all expressed in simple, easy-to-understand language for kids.

The Beginner’s Bible

The best-selling Beginner’s Bible leads the field in presenting God’s Word to young children. Featuring 95 easy-to-read stories and appealing illustrations, it balances kid-friendly appeal with a consistent faithfulness to Scripture. With vibrant art and easy to read text, more than 90 favourite Bible stories come to life, making this a perfect starting point for children.


The Jesus Story Book Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible is exactly what the name suggests. It shows children in clear language that Jesus is at the centre of God’s great story of salvation, and at the centre of their story too! 

The Gospel Story Bible

It is easy to forget Jesus in the midst of frantic schedules, family squabbles and conflicting priorities. But the truth is that He is the hero of every story, including these ordinary ones.

This Bible puts God’s plan of salvation in Christ on continuous display. The easy-to-read storybook introduces your family to many people, places and events from the Bible’s Old and New Testaments, showing how each one ultimately points to Jesus.

It is important to regularly read the Bible, pray and sing with your family. Mix up your family devotions routine by using these resources.

The New City Catechism – booklet or free app

The New City Catechism for Kids is a modern-day resource aimed at teaching the core doctrines of the Christian faith to children ages 4-11. This 64-page booklet contains each of the 52 easy-to-understand questions and short answers found in The New City Catechism designed to help children understand who God is and what he has done. 

With answers that are short enough for children to read, understand, and memorise, this low-cost booklet is designed for bulk distribution and is ideally suited for Sunday school classes, Christian schools, and homeschooling families. This resource is sold both individually and as part of the curriculum kit. There is also a free app version.

The 555 Challenge

The 555 Challenge helps families engage with God and each other in an achievable way: five minutes a day, five days a week, for five weeks. Find out more from the Youthworks website.

Exploring the Bible Together: A 52-Week Family Worship Plan

Published by Crossway and written by David Murray, senior pastor of First Byron Christian Reformed Church in Amsterdam, this no-prep guide to teaching the Bible to your children is both fun and accessible. Full of excitement and adventure, this is a great 52-week schedule of daily devotions that you can read as a family.

Kids Read

Here’s an easy guide from Youthworks on how to read the Bible with your kids, depending on their age and stage.