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We want kids to continue growing in their faith and learning about Jesus, even while staying at home.

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Welcome to Fireworks!

To help, here are some videos, memory verses and craft activites for kids 4-5 years old. We’ll keep this page updated so keep checking in!


Find out how the Lion King relates to the reign of grace through Jesus!

Romans 5
Join Liv as we read from Romans 5 and learn more about this interesting letter from Paul.

Genesis 32-33

Join Sophie, Jonathan and Travis as we see how God was with Jacob in Genesis 32-33.

God fulfils his promises

Join Nicole as she looks at how God remains faithful and continues to fulfil his promises to Jacob, despite the challenges along the way.

Jacob and his family
Jimmy and Richard take us through the story of Jacob, his wives, and their many children. How will God fulfil his promise of a great family to Jacob?


Genesis 28:10-15

Simon and Amy take us through Genesis 28:10-15. How will God bless Jacob now?


Genesis 26:34-28:9

Clara, Oli and Hannah take Fireworks through Genesis 26:34-28:9

Genesis 26:1-33

Ben and Carly take us through Genesis 26:1-33 (have a pen & paper ready!) 



Genesis 28:10-15

Hey Fireworks and Ignite kids, watch this video to find out a wild story about a guy who really wanted stew!


The One the Prophets Talked About

Find out who Jesus is and why He is the one the prophets were waiting for all along.

Who was Malachi?​

Learn about one of the minor prophets in the Old Testament and why he is so important.



“This is my Son.”​

Find out what happened when Jesus was baptised by John.