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We want kids to continue growing in their faith and learning about Jesus, even while staying at home. To help, here are some videos, memory verses and craft activities for all ages. We’ll keep this page updated so keep checking in!

Munchkins (preschoolers and toddlers)

Today we learn that God made people to love

Laura from Munchkins North Rocks tells us and shows us what happens in Acts 8.

In this week’s story from Acts 8:4-15 we see more people come to follow God and realise his great power

Solving problems

The Apostles needed more time to talk about Jesus and pray. Lynette tells us how they solved their problem from Acts Ch 6.

Jesus' followers are rescued

Amy shows us some exciting things from Acts 5:12-33!

The believers are brave

This week we’ll be looking at Acts 4:1-37 in Munchkins!

The lame can walk

This week Hannah tells us about how Peter used the Holy Spirit to heal a lame man.

The Holy Spirit

Learn how the Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ friends (plus a fun song to sing below!)

Learn a new song!

Do you believe Jesus is alive?

Thomas didn’t. Find out what happens next …

The meaning of Easter

An explanation of the true meaning of Easter … plus a fun Easter craft for our littlies!

What is Palm Sunday?

Watch this video to find out what happened on Palm Sunday and why it’s such an important day.

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel was a righteous man who loved God. Find out what happened to him when he was sent into a lion’s den

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Find out how God protected 3 men who were loyal to Him with this week’s video. Don’t forget to try the craft below!

Beagles (kindy - year 2)


“Who are the most important people to ever live? Lukas tells us who changed the world more than anyone else…”

Taking the gospel to the world

Phillip follows Jesus command to take the gospel to the end of the earth.

Stephen at the Sanhedrin

This week Lukas takes us through Acts 6&7 where a man named Stephen is brought before the Sanhedrin

Telling the good news of Jesus

This week we’re looking at a story from Acts 5: 12-2 and how God helps his followers tell the good news of Jesus even when people are against Jesus.

Acts 4 and 5

Isabella from Beagles at Chinese Church tells us what happens in Acts 4&5

Acts 3:11-4:22

Linda takes us through Acts 3:114:22. Find out what happens after Peter and John heal the man who couldn’t walk!

Jesus heals a lame man

What happens when Jesus’ friends meet a man who can’t walk?

The Holy Spirit

Morgan tells us what happened when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit

Jesus is alive

…and that’s awesome news! Find out what happens in Acts 1:1-11.

Fireworks (years 3-6)


Find out how the Lion King relates to the reign of grace through Jesus!


Romans 5

Join Liv as we read from Romans 5 and learn more about this interesting letter from Paul.

Genesis 32-33

Join Sophie, Jonathan and Travis as we see how God was with Jacob in Genesis 32-33.

God fulfils his promises

Join Nicole as she looks at how God remains faithful and continues to fulfil his promises to Jacob, despite the challenges along the way.

Jacob and his family

Jimmy and Richard take us through the story of Jacob, his wives, and their many children. How will God fulfil his promise of a great family to Jacob?

Genesis 28:10-15

Simon and Amy take us through Genesis 28:10-15. How will God bless Jacob now?

Genesis 26:34-28:9

Clara, Oli and Hannah take Fireworks through Genesis 26:34-28:9

Genesis 26:1-33

Ben and Carly take us through Genesis 26:1-33 (have a pen & paper ready!) 

Genesis 25:19-34

Hey Fireworks and Ignite kids, watch this video to find out a wild story about a guy who really wanted stew!

The One the Prophets Talked About

Find out who Jesus is and why He is the one the prophets were waiting for all along.

Who was Malachi?

Learn about one of the minor prophets in the Old Testament and why he is so important.

"This is my Son."

Find out what happened when Jesus was baptised by John.