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At St Paul’s Anglican, we want everyone – both in our local community and abroad – to know Jesus and the real hope that He brings. That’s why we choose to financially support, care and pray for missionaries as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus around the world.

Adrian and Anita Lovell

Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Family: Matias
CMS Australia

Adrian and Anita are regional directors of MOCLAM: an organisation that makes theological education available to Spanish speakers in South America.

The Lovells teach and administer MOCLAM courses to Christians from churches across Bolivia – in particular, those who are heavily involved in gospel ministry, but have little or no theological training. Adrian and Anita help students see how Jesus is key to understanding the Bible, with the aim of equipping and empowering them to share Jesus faithfully from the Bible.

Martin and Julie Field

Location: Córdoba, Argentina
Family: Lachlan, Eloise, Charlotte, Jacob
CMS Australia

Martin and Julie train students in Córdoba, Argentina, to understand the Bible for themselves, reach out to their classmates with the gospel, and live enthusiastically for Christ in all they do. They do this through Asociación Bíblica Universitaria Argentina (ABUA): a student movement associated with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

Martin and Julie are currently working on a training plan for students involved in local ministries and groups. They also support young couples as they prepare for marriage.

Nima Alizadeh

Location: California, North America
Family: Paniz

Born in Iran, Nima is the founder and president of Iranian Revelation Ministries, and the managing director of the Gospel Coalition Farsi. He uses social media to minister to Persians living around the world, equipping them and proclaiming the gospel through Bible teaching, preaching and writing.

Nima was formerly pastor of our Iranian church at St Paul’s Anglican. He is now working with ACNA (Anglican Church in North America) and serves as an associate pastor at Grace Anglican Oceanside in California, where he lives with his wife Paniz.

Peter and Mandy Denham

Location: Taiwan
Family: Luke and Hamish

Peter and Mandy serve in Taiwan, where they proclaim Jesus and seek to reproduce communities of faithful disciples among the less-reached Taiwanese working class.

Peter is OMF’s Taiwan Finance Manager, while Mandy is involved in personal evangelism and small group ministry in Mandarin. To find out more about the ministries Peter and Mandy are involved in, visit the OMF website.

Kelvin and Roslyn Nicolle

Location: Australia (working with SIL Australia)
Family: Matthew and Lena
Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia

Kelvin and Roslyn are long-term missionaries a nd Bible translators. From 1998 to 2015, they were part of a team involved in Bible translation for the Nenets people in north-west Siberia. They also lived in St Petersburg, where they supported up to 20 other Bible translation teams working across the Russian Federation and Central Asia.

In mid 2015, the Nicolle family moved permanently back to Australia to begin new assignments with SIL Australia, teaching linguistics and supporting those preparing to go into cross-cultural work and Bible translation. 

Timothy and Samantha

Location: South Asia
Family: Abigail

After studying at SMBC in Sydney, Tim and Samantha moved to South Asia where they are currently serving the Lord. Their current ministries include running Bible studies to strengthen the local church, sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus and reaching out to the community through social media.

Richard and Pinnucia Wilson

Location: Trent, Italy
Family: Stefania, Daniele, Luca, and Mattia.

To spread the gospel in Italy, Richard distributes Italian Bible resources through his site
 Laparola (meaning ‘The Word’ in Italian). About 10,000 Italian speakers visit the site every day, over 90% of them from within Italy. Richard is also the Italy Field Leader for ECM, and part of three small groups within the organisation that focus on Vision and Strategy, Ministry Direction and Recruitment.

As a family, Richard and Pinuccia serve at the Evangelical Church of Trent. Richard initially came to Italy to develop this church, but now it is autonomous with local leadership. The Wilsons are involved in leading Bible studies, teaching Sunday school and running the summer children’s camp.

Chloe Wolfson

Location: Southern Spain

Chloe is a missionary with European Christian Mission (ECM), initially as part of a church planting team ministering to people of all ages in rural Spain.

She is currently serving as a coordinator for ECM: a role that involves looking after short-term missions across Europe.

Restore Mission

Location: Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

In Milne Bay, a province on the east coast of Papua New Guinea, Anglican bishops run 600 churches, 256 schools and 29 hospitals. They only have 35 diploma trained ministers to do the work before them – including sharing the gospel and providing essential services to the poorest, most remote people in the province.

St Paul’s Anglican is partnering with Restore Mission, a ministry set up to support these churches and the vital work they do in PNG. We are financially supporting missionaries Angus and Christina Skeoch to study at St Andrew’s Hall in Melbourne so they can grow a formal partnership with CMS. We are also supporting the Bishop of Dogura, Fr Tennyson Bogar, who Angus and Christina serve under.

You can find out more about Restore here.