St Paul's Anglican

Our Team

Church isn’t just run by pastors and paid staff. Every member of St Paul’s is part of our mission to reach, love and serve others, as Jesus compels us to do. The work of our church is done by countless people who spend their weeks contributing in various ways.

St Paul’s staff team enable our members to do this work well. They lead, equip and support us, so we can love others, grow deeper in the Word, glorify God, share the gospel, and serve with courage and creativity. They do this in focused ways, but as a unified team that seeks the good of God’s people at St Paul’s.

Pastors Team

Raj Gupta, Senior Pastor

Raj oversees the teaching, vision, strategy and governance of our church as we seek to reach, love and serve under Jesus.

Peter Baker, Magnification Pastor

Peter enables people to glorify God by loving, worshipping and delighting in him—on Sundays and throughout the week.

Kelly Landrigan, Membership Pastor

Kelly leads our membership ministry, so everyone can be connected into a vibrant community of faith and love.

Sam Russell, Ministry Pastor

Sam equips and enables people at St Paul’s to gladly serve Jesus and others, with their whole lives.

Sarah Lancaster, Children’s Pastor

Sarah leads our kids ministry teams to help children grow in their understanding and love for Jesus.

Mike Everett, Youth Pastor

Mike oversees youth ministry at St Pauls, working with our youth leaders to help teenagers grow in their faith.

Victor Chen, Chinese Church Pastor

Victor pastors our Chinese-speaking congregation, as they reach out to the multicultural community of Carlingford and beyond.



Ministry Support Staff

Philip Gunning, Operations Manager


Noni Sinclair


Jo Wattle


Cherinne Fernando


Jasmine Chang


Fiona Burton


Virginia Chen


Andrew Phelps, Graphic Designer




Ministry Trainees

St Paul’s is committed to raising up gospel labourers to send out into God’s great harvest. One way we do this is by training ministry apprentices, who undertake a two-year practical ministry training program under the supervision of an experienced pastor.

Our 2023 apprentices are Susan Everett, Josh Everett, Josh Charles, Tinik Chiu and Jasmine Huang. Click here for more information about MTS.

Susan Everett

Josh Everett

Josh Charles

Tinik Chiu

Jasmin Huang

Other Pastors and Ministry Workers

Lachlan Grice, Maturity Pastor

Lachlan helps people at St Paul’s to grow in Christian maturity – becoming transformed by God’s word and prayer.

Ross Hathway, Seniors Pastor


Mohammad Shahmaleki, Iranian Church Pastor


Naomi Lawson


Ian Lawson


Sophia Russell


Linda Chen


Laura Devine