St Paul's Anglican

Join us this summer for a 5-day program packed with fun activities for the kids!

When: 6-10 Jan, 2020, 9-11:30am
Age: Kids in school years K-6 in 2020, with a special event for high-schoolers on Friday 10 Jan, 6-9pm
Location: St Paul’s Anglican Church, Carlingford
Cost: $15 a day, or $50 for the whole 5 days. Cost is capped at $150 in total (if you have more than 3 kids coming for the 5 days, you only pay for 3 kids).

During the kid’s programs, adults are welcome to hang around at the Summerfest Café to enjoy a coffee and hear some short talks on parenting.

Register through the links below. Got more questions? Read our FAQs.

Summerfest Cafe and parenting talks

During the kid’s programs at Summerfest, we’ll be running a cafe with barista coffee and delicious treats for you to enjoy. Drop by and say hi!

We’ll also be hosting a series of talks from experts on different areas of parenting and family life each morning at the cafe. You can find out more about each talk further down this web page.

If you would like to attend these talks and the cafe, we offer creche and a preschoolers program for littlies who are not yet at school. Register below!

How to support your child at school

Monday, 6 January

Parents and carers play a huge role in ensuring our kids don’t just survive school, but thrive. So, what is the best way we can support our kids? How can we work with teachers and school staff to help our children grow and learn in a healthy environment?

Our speaker, Denise Lockrey, is principal of Wentworthville Public School, which aims to have a growth mindset that puts students at the center. She has many years of experience as an educator, school deputy principal and principal.

How to understand and work with your child's emotions

Tuesday, 7 January  

Using brain science, this seminar will help parents and caregivers of young children and teenagers in the practical skills of emotion coaching. Help your child to understand their emotions, manage them in more healthy ways, and desire problem solving over meltdowns. 

Our speaker, Gill Davis, has over 30 years’ experience working with tweens and teens as an educator and mentor within the private and government school sector. Her current work is with Anglicare, consulting on the development and delivery of community educational programs in areas of mental health, parenting, and relationships.

Sex education in the cyber generation

Wednesday, 8 January

Children of today are the most digitally connected, socially informed, advertised and sexualised generation that ever walked this earth. As significant adults in their life, we are their primary sex educators. It’s important be in a trusting relationship with them, to help them grow as whole, sexually healthy human beings.

Patricia Weerakoon, a Christian sexologist, academic and author, will explore the challenges of sex education of children in a super-sexualised cyber world.  She will look at recent research on the adolescent brain and consider how you understand and counter common myths of identity, sexuality and gender.

How to develop strong mental health in kids

Thursday, 9 January

As parents and carers, we all want our children to be happy, healthy and well. This talk is on how to help children develop good mental health so they can build healthy relationships, embrace life and deal with whatever challenges come their way.

Our speaker, Juanita Lowe, has been a registered psychologist for 20 years, with experience in private practice, government and non-government agencies, and as a consultant school psychologist. She is also a Triple P Parenting provider, Presbyterian Counselling Service Provider and Myers-Briggs consultant.

How to have an active and healthy family life

Amidst the busy schedule that inevitably comes with raising kids, how do we prioritise health and wellbeing in our families? When we hear that 1 in 4 children are classified as overweight or obese, how do we ensure we’re feeding our kids with the right nutrition as well as the right information? Is there more to being healthy than just diet and exercise?

As a chiropractor married to a physiotherapist, Ian and Naomi Lawson are health professionals with over 30 years’ experience between them. As well as running their own practice in Concord West, they raise 4 very active & energetic boys. Leading an active and healthy family life is not merely a priority for the Lawsons, it’s a necessity!

Summerfest FAQs

What ages can attend?
Children from Kindergarten to Year 6 in 2020 can attend.

What will my child be doing during the week?
Summerfest is 5 days of fun-filled activities featuring games, craft and other fun activities. Each day there will also be a short talk exploring what the Bible says about Jesus. Kids will also spend doing fun activities in small groups with leaders and kids of a similar age.

Is there something for high-schoolers?
On Friday 10th January, from 6pm-9pm, we’ll be running a pizza/trivia night for high-schoolers with games, challenges, music, food and a short bible talk.

Can parents hang around?
Each morning, parents are invited to hang around at the Summerfest Café to enjoy free barista-made coffee (or two!) and some delicious treats. We will also be hosting some speakers from the community who will give talks on family life and parenting. If you would like to attend these talks or spend time at the café, we have child-minding for under 5’s available for those times.

How many children will attend Summerfest?
We usually have about 150 children attend each day. Kids will spend the majority of the day in smaller, aged-based groups. When you arrive, your child will receive a name tag which will have their small group name on it.

Who will look after my children?
All leaders at Summerfest are members of St Paul’s Anglican church. They have completed a Safe Ministry training and have a Working with Children’s Check number. The ratio of leaders to children is 1:7 as a minimum, but is often higher than this. Many of the leaders have been part of similar events in previous years. They also teach in our Friday night kids club Ignite and our Sunday morning kids programs. Read more about St Paul’s commitment to child safety.

How do I sign my child in and out?
Morning sign-in for Summerfest will open at 9am on Monday, and then 9:15am for the other days. Every child must be signed in by an adult each morning. The program will conclude at 11:30am. We cannot guarantee staffing levels beyond this finish time. Children must be signed in/out by a nominated adult. To ensure each child’s safety, we will not allow any child to return home unaccompanied or with an un-authorised adult.

Can my child be with their friends?
We try to group children with their nominated friends. Keep in mind, though, that Summerfest is a great place for your child to make new friends!

What if my child requires medication?
You will be required to fill in a medication form and give the medication to our nominated First Aid Officer, who will administer this throughout the day.

Do I need to bring food for my child? What if they have allergies?
Morning tea will be provided for your child each day. We will cater for any food allergies that are indicated on their registration form. Lunch will not be provided, except on the Friday when we’ll have an all-in celebratory lunch.

My child has some additional needs – can they still attend?
We welcome and try to cater for all school-aged children. To help us care for your child, please provide all the necessary information when you register. If you would like to discuss your child’s needs with our team leaders, please contact us or tick the ‘contact me’ part on the registration form and we will be in touch.

What should my child wear?
Due to the nature of the activities, we recommend that children wear joggers, comfortable clothes for cool and warm weather (whatever is appropriate on the day), sunscreen and a hat. Please label items in case they get lost!

Please don’t bring…
expensive clothing or any valuables like mobile phones, game consoles, cameras or jewellery. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the safety of any items brought to Summerfest.

What if my child loses something?
Lost property will be placed in a box at the registration desk. We will try to return items that are clearly labelled. Lost property will be held for an additional week after Summerfest – please contact us to arrange a time to check and collect any lost items.

Will my child be photographed?
We have a designated photographer who takes photos of the children. These are used throughout the week and for promotional materials in the future. If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please tick the appropriate box on the registration.

What if my child is sick?
If your child is sick and cannot attend one or more days, please let us know by giving us a call. If they fall ill during the morning, we will contact you to collect them.

Where can I park?
Parking is available in the church carpark off Moseley Street. There is additional parking on Vickery Ave facing Harold West Reserve.

How do I enter the church?
You can enter through the doors facing Vickery Ave, opposite Harold West Reserve, or through the doors off the Moseley St carpark on the lower floor (go up the stairs inside the entrance or use the lift). Registration and sign in will be in the main foyer.

How can I get in touch?
Feel free to contact us with any questions. We excited about Summerfest and look forward to meeting you!