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Wrestling With God

Genesis 25-35 tells us the story of Jacob, a very flawed man who spends his life wrestling with a very faithful God. Scoundrel, chosen heir, a man who wreaks havoc … how can God possibly bring anything good out of such a dysfunctional family? These chapters show us God’s relentless capacity to bless us even in the midst of our mess, and the power of his grace to save and transform even the worst of us.


You can watch the sermons in this series in the videos below:

1. Wrestling with God

Genesis 25:19-34

3 MAY 2020

2. Wrestling with fear

Genesis 26:1-33

10 MAY 2020

3. God can bless through the mess

Genesis 26:34-28:9

17 MAY 2020

4. Wrestling with God’s discipline

Genesis 28:10-29:30

24 MAY 2020

5. The Birth of a Nation

Genesis 29:31-30:24

31 MAY 2020

6. Wrestling with the God who has no rivals

Genesis 30:25-31:55

7 JUNE 2020

7. Wrestling With God

Genesis 32

14 JUNE 2020

8. Wrestling with Injustice

Genesis 34

21 JUNE 2020

9. Home

Genesis 35

28 JUNE 2020

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